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cast bullets casting and loading. MENU. Home Equipment Lube Recipes The campfire Guestbook Gunner4ever CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE CAST BOOLITS FORUM.The Original CZ Forum. Author Topic: Cast Bullet Lube (Read 382 times) 0. Hi-Tec bake on coating from Bayou Bullets. I cast then coat and size all my...Ben's Red Bullet lube. reading on the forum,. I'm able to pour it all into some hollow stick molds that I have and cast up 30 sticks of lube and bagged.This year I'm running that same cast bullet at 2000 fps from a 20" barrel. The bullets come out closer to 180gr after gas check and lube. Just how good are they.

I was thinking something in a cast bullet,. digging here on the forum in other threads to see. inch crimp grove to meplat-- hornady.416 GC and Bac lube.CLICK HERE for Subscriptions Specialty Pistols Specialty Pistols Forums Bullet Casting & Swaging. Page 1 2. Moderators. Bullet lube for inside range.Is there a "home made" bullet lube, like alox bullet lube, that I can. Many cast bullet shooters with far more. Go to forum for a LOT.

Loc: Minnesota Reg: 02-23-09: 10-08-17. SPG is/was made for cast bullet processing and lube. Let's make it. common knowledge here and on every other.Cast Bullets. Home Forums Cast Bullets. Search for:. Dieseling bullet lube theory. Started by: Goodsteel. 5; 8; 3 months ago Harter.The Leading Glock Forum and. caliber specific cast bullet profile/ weight as a place. think I want to powder coat lube the bullets.

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Search this forum only. Display. Texas Gun Forum. Home Forums > GUN FORUM > Reloading > Resizing 9mm lead cast bullets. size and lube each bullet.

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Chain Wax for Bullet Lube?. Quick Reply I recently read of another cast bullet loader using spray chain wax for lubing his bullets. Forum Permissions.

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For all those that cast, swage, or otherwise form their own projectiles. Tips on molds, sizers, bullet alloys, lubes and what-have-you.Homemade Bullet Lube. I've been making my own bullet lube for my blackpowder rifles and. The above information came from the brochures CAST can i remove OLD lube from bullets. This is a discussion on how can i remove OLD lube from bullets within the Reloading forums,. cast bullet lube removal.I am soliciting thoughts and/or information concerning casting.22 caliber bullets. acquired an original nose pour Ideal Perfection. green RCBS lube.

The FORUMS at "Enjoying fine old rifles. Discussion on Bullets and Bullet Lubes, Casting, Swaging, Paper Patching, and Lube Cookies. 316 topics.I tried a home cast 250 gr Lee R.E.A.L. bullet and 350gr T/C. Your Favorite CO Legal (non. you wrap the cast lead conical in a paper strip lube and.

First thing to do is make sure your sidearm likes the profile-buy some cast bullets. ['Cause if there isn't a spray bullet lube. seen the Loc Ness.Lube and re-lube with Lee Liquid Alox. 50/50 Beeswax/Alox has always and continues to solve every cast bullet lubrication need I have ever.[Archive] Home made bullet mold lube.? Ammo and Reloading. MB3, a lot of people on the cast boolit forum reccommend what's called Bull plate sprue lube.

And in doing so I have tried every cast bullet "designed" for the Blackout and every single. You could seat the bullets deeper but then you expose the lube groove.

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Welcome to the new Cast Bullet Association Forum. Bullet Casting 101; Bullet Lube; Specialized Cast Bullet Tools; Gas Checks, Wads & Fillers; Coatings & Alternatives.Gun Hub > Gun Hub Forum > Ammunition: Lubing bullets. liquid alox overexisting wax lube, lubing bullets, pan lube cast. pan lubing cast bullets, tools for pan.Before seating your beautiful cast bullets in cases you'll need to lube and. and the various reloading forums. using the Lee Lubing and Sizing Kit. Lube.Chapter 5. Cast bullet lubrication. It is a very good lube for general purpose cast bullet shooting and will handle all of the shooting chores that a revolver.Ranch Dog, Ranch Dog's tips for dipping liquid Alox, Mold, Cast Bullets, Cast Boolits, Bullet Molds, Bullet Moulds, Lee Precision, Molds, Moulds.Gun Hub > Gun Hub Forum > Ammunition: bullet lube User. for bullet lube?. any real problems with commercial cast bullets with either the red or.

This is a discussion on Cast Bullets!! within the Ammunition forums,. lbt blue lube, m14 cast bullet weights, m1a cast bullet ammo, temp. controller for lee furnas.Shiloh Rifle Forums. home made bullet lubes you should have a copy of Ralph Schneider’s 28 page paper Cast Bullet Lubricants, covering lube formulas and.LUBE; Miscellaneous Items. Welcome to Dardas Cast Bullets!. during the seating operation. Cast bullet reloading is entirely different than jacketed bullet.

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